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Meet The Owners

Brittney Thompson, former owner of CrossFit Refuel, has been doing CrossFit for 7.5 years, and recently received her Level 2 certification. Her favorite workout is MURPH because of the community, the cause, and the feeling at the end.  She started a CrossFit gym because she wanted to build a community that was accepting of all people.

"I believe everyone is an athlete, and you have to start somewhere. I believe that leadership comes from the top and  leading by example. Having the best coaching staff will help us reach as many people as we can in the Enid community." 


Cody Keller has being doing CrossFit for 8 years, and has his Level 2 certification. His favorite workout is any heavy Olympic lift or EMOM. He opened a gym because he wanted to change people's lives with fitness, and a gym has been such a huge part of his own life that he owed it to the community to pass on his passion. 

"What's important to me as a gym owner is that people understand everyone started somewhere. Success comes with time, effort and commitment to the process. Everyone that walks through a CrossFit gym is trying to better themselves and the people around them. The only competition is with yourself to become better every day."

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